Need three more shots of espresso and clients who love to pay you the big bucks?

You’ve come to the right place! It’s time to reclaim your schedule and grow your bank account.

Want to Outsource your design headaches?

Stop hustling on things you hate doing and are not particularly good at. Hand us over your design deliverables with custom + retainer options available.

Ready to break free from the chains of routine and mediocrity? I’m here to remind you of your awesomeness when you forget what you’re capable of. To show you how to make sales fun and easy.To teach you how to turn each marketing effort into a piece of cake.

Hey! I’m Mélissa…

but you can call me Mél.

I’m a business coach passionate about helping you take both your brand and mindset to the next level so you can create the high-fun, low-stress business (and life) of your dreams.

I could tell you about the impressive results of my clients, my 15 years of customer service experience or the dozens of businesses I helped grow and scale. But what I’m most proud about is my degree from the school of life…

Resourcefulness is my jam.
Curiosity and continuous learning are my fuel.

Kind Words

“Mel has been amazing from the start. She has worked with me through the beginnings of developing my own business and taking it online.

The knowledge and effort Mel puts into helping her clients achieve their dreams is unparalleled. She is unbelievably supportive in so many different ways.

We honestly can’t say enough about her. She is warm, caring, calm, and professional, and keeps you consistently on the right track with her streamlined and strategic approach to business.“

Jen Durcok
Mindset Coach

“Melissa has a talent for noticing your strengths and offering advice and ideas on what is a good next step! She is like my “business mom” coaching me along on my journey. But not the helicopter mom who does everything for you.

She’s a Grade A butt-kicker who tells you what you need to do. Her support on my new business journey has been incredible.”

Cherianne Cybulskie
Community Builder + Herbalist

I see you, and I’ve been where you are:

Tired (OK, exhausted) but putting on a brave face. You’re so proud of the business you’ve built but know you’re meant for much more. You take care of everyone around you but fantasize about kicking your feet up and relaxing at a gorgeous hotel (preferably with a cold, crisp beer in your hand). 

But here’s the thing: You want to do it without guilt. And without sacrificing business growth. In fact, you dream of taking your income to a whole other level. Your ambitions are so big you might even be shy sharing them with your loved ones. Sometimes you wonder whether you’re crazy for wanting more for yourself. But you’re not. And I’ll help you grow the hell out of your business while feeling super confident and building a kickass brand. 

How? By empowering you with the tools, resources, and mindset you need to access everything that you want — and do it your way. I won’t lie to you. I’m not going to sugarcoat anything. You hold the key to all your desires. You don’t need more time, you need to charge more. And delegate. And put the right systems and structures in place. You are not stuck, but your money mindset needs some work. Don’t worry, we can do this together. Helping you unlock your true potential is how I fulfill mine. Let’s get to work!

Get the right strategies for your business. When you work with me, we will build that BRAND RECOGNITION that your business needs.

Service 01.

Fully Personalized Support

Cookie-cutter strategies will get you cookie-cutter results. Step your game up with fully personalized support catered to your unique situation.

Get the right strategies to grow your Business!

Starting at $4555


Template Downloads in Canva


Happy Clients


Designs Created

Service 02.

Laser Focused Coaching Session based on your needs

During this 90-minute intensive coaching session, we will create a strategy to help you achieve your most important goal. Focused, jam-packed. Perfect for action takers.

I want action steps that gives me quick Results!

Starting at $888

Not sure which option to pick? No worries! I’ll guide you towards the option that is BEST for YOU!

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